Washroom hygiene

Paper products

Alliance Cleaning offers a wide range of paper products and dispensers for all of your washroom and kitchen requirements. Our products are tailored to suit all of your needs. We encourage our clients to use recycled paper where possible.


We advise our clients to use biodegradable polythene in the workplace to help reduce landfill. Conventional plastics do not break down and landfill waste takes years to degrade. Degradable/biodegradable bags are developed to be safer and better for the environment.

Feminine hygiene disposal

A variety of sanitary disposal units are available via our third party partners.

Barrier/dust mats

Dust control mats draw and retain dirt in special twists of material, which is released when laundered.

We supply a variety of barrier/dust mats which can be used in reception areas, entrances or hallways. They are available in a wide range of sizes and colours and can be customized to suit your company. All mats have a non-slip backing.

Mats are changed regularly (or according to your requirements) and replaced with an identical clean mat. The soiled mats are removed from site.


Alliance Cleaning provides a range of quality vending machines to suit the location. We offer a variety of units from single & dual column dispensers to multi-vend systems.


We can provide all of your consumable needs, from liquid soaps, sanitizers and air fresheners to tea and coffee. All products are selected from sustainable and ethical sources.

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